About The School



Choices not circumstances determine success.


The Phoenix  

A mythological bird that arises from the ashes of its own destruction.

School Colors

Black, red, and gold


The Phoenix School believes:

  • The school provides an effective educational program based in part on input from all stakeholders who take an active role in improving the quality of the overall school program. 

  • The school provides a safe, nurturing, and diverse environment where students are treated as individuals and are given input into all phases of school planning. 

  • All students are unique and all students can learn. 

  • Instructional strategies encourage higher order thinking skills and foster the unique learning styles of all students. 

  • Instructional strategies create opportunities for real life learning and performance-based assessments. 

  • The curriculum creates intrinsically motivated, lifelong learners. 

  • Character education and social development are integral parts of the school experience and the principles of character and positive social dynamics are incorporated into all aspects of school life. 

Phoenix School Mission Statement                                                                                                               

The mission of The Phoenix School is to inspire students to be lifelong learners, positive role models, and productive citizens of a diverse world.   



The vision of The Phoenix School is to offer students an opportunity for on-time graduation through improved attendance and academic readiness.  It is our hope to enable students to exceed local, state, and federal standards; and, through guidance and modeling, to become positive and productive citizens, parents, and community leaders.