Graduation Requirements

Classification of Students

Sophomore:  0 credits
Junior:  6 credits
Senior: 14 credits

Core Curriculum of Class of 2013 and beyond
Classes required for students graduating from a Cumberland County High School in 2013 and beyond:
There   are a number of courses that are equivalents or may be substituted for   others. For specific course number see your Guidance Counselor.

    4 units of English
    4 units of Math ( must include passing Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Geometry and one course higher
    3 units of Science (must include Biology, Chemistry, and a third lab class
    3 units of Social Studies ( 1 of US History, 1 of World History OR World Geography, .5 of Economics, .5 of U.S. Government)
    1 unit of Lifetime Wellness
    .5 unit of Physical Education or qualifying activity as subsitute
    Remaining units in Electives (3 in a recognized focus of study such as Math & Science or Career/Technical)
    Total Credits Required:  22