Parent Involvement

Parent Involvement Policy

The Phoenix School  Parent Involvement Policy has been developed by a committee of parents and  teachers. Names of individuals involved in the development of this policy are  on file in the principal's office; the plan is available for your viewing in  the library.

Parent Involvement  
 1.    A suggestion box for ideas on school  improvement is available in the school office providing opportunity for ideas  from the entire school community.  
 2.    A monthly school calendar will be used to  inform parents of upcoming programs.  
 3.    Information concerning the students'  performance at school will be provided on the midterm, nine-weeks report card  and if necessary more frequently. At these times parents may arrange for  conferences to participate in decisions relating to the education of their  children.  
 4.    Comments by parents of children  participating in the Title I school wide program plan shall be attached to the  plan shall be attached to the plan when submitted to the Local Education  Agency.   

Shared Responsibilities for High Student Performance
1.   Teachers will inform parents of their child's progress at the end of the nine weeks or more frequently if needed.  
2.   Opportunities for parents to volunteer will be available throughout the school year.  
3.   Credit Recovery, Time for Time, and flex scheduling will be available through our Title I programs.   

Building Capacity for Involvement  
1.   Information about literacy training by the  Adult Basic Education office will be made available to those parents who need  guidance in helping their children improve their achievement.  
2.   Programs to orientate parents and high  school students to the school environment will be organized. 
3.   Parents and teachers will work together in  the coordination for the education of the children, including those with  learning disabilities or physical handicaps during scheduled meetings.   

Accessibility of Parental Information and  Resource Centers
1.   A Parent Resource Center, located across  from the Cumberland County Board of Education's Central Office, is accessible  to the entire county.  A calendar  of monthly programs offered are published in the local paper   
2. The  Family Resource Center, run through the Central Office, is available to assist parents  with programs designed to improve parental involvement.   
3. Parents  with limited English proficiency will be referred to the ELL coordinator and assisted  by ELL staff at The Phoenix School.  Forms in various languages are provided to ESL students and parents.   
4.  Materials such as literacy and technology and training are available to parents.   
5.  A Preschool Program is made available to children of Phoenix students.

Parent Involvement Allocation for The Phoenix School

Funding for the 2016-17 school year is $340.24. Money is spent on stationary supplies, paper, cardstock, and ink cartridges to convey information to parents and/or guardians about pertinant information.

Parent Advisory Council Members

The Phoenix School currently has 1 member of the Parent Advisory Council and that is Ms. Kim Lowe.