Components of a Title 1 Schoolwide Plan

Components of a Schoolwide Plan

1. A comprehensive needs assessment of the whole school.
2. implementation of schoolwide reform strategies that:
    Provide opportunities for all children to meet proficient and advanced levels of student academic achievement
    Use effective methods and instructional strategies that are based on scientifically-based research that:
    Strengthens the core academic program
    Increases the amount of learning time
    Include strategies for serving underserved populations
    Includes strategies to address the needs of children in the school, but particularly low achieving children and those at risk of not meeting state standards
    Address how the school will determine if those needs of the children have been met are consistent with and are designed to implement state and local improvement plans if any
3. Highly qualified teachers in all core content area classes
4. High quality and ongoing professional development for teachers, principals, and paraprofessionals
5. Strategies to attract high-quality, highly qualified teachers to this school
6. Strategies to increase parental involvement, such as literary services
6a. Description of how the school will provide individual academic assessment results to parents
6b. Strategies to involve parents in the planning, review, and improvement of the schoolwide plan
7. Plans for assisting preschool children in the transition from early childhood programs such as Headstart, Even Start, Early Reading Frst, or a state run preschool program
8. Opportunities and expectations for teachers to be included in the decision making related to the use of academic assessment results leading to the improvement of student achievement
9. Activities and programs at the school level to ensure that students having difficulty mastering proficient and advanced levels of the academic achievement are provided with effective, timely additional assistance
10. Coordination and integration of federal, state and local funds; and resources such as in-kind services and program components
10a. A list of programs that will be consolidated under the schoolwide plan(if applicable)